Want to support Tropicwx.com?

Actually, it only costs me about $12 a month to host and manage this site. It started as a hobby sixteen years ago (man, time sure does fly,) and I'm really thankful for the positive feedback over the years.

If you get some utility out of this page and would like to make a contribution, I would ask that you instead make a donation to Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana. I've been affiliated with them for five years, and have seen every day the impact they have on lives across 23 parishes (counties.) Second Harvest is also one of the very first agencies to respond after disasters in South Louisiana, disasters that we know will unfortunately happen again.

Click HERE to make a secure online donation to Second Harvest. This organization's administrative and fundraising costs are very low. You work very hard for every dollar you have, and there's no better steward than Second Harvest at making that dollar go as far as possible.

You can also check out www.no-hunger.org for more information about other ways to make monetary donations, donate food, volunteer, and contribute ideas to the cause.


HURRICANE MICHAEL: Click HERE to make a secure online donation to Feeding Florida, the statewide association of the Feeding America-affiliated food banks in Florida.